About Organization


Community Healthy Advocacy Network At Nation – CHANAN is a registered organization under the society registration act 1860. CHANAN aims to highlight the human rights issues of women and youth as this profile group of society found to be neglected and disregarded of their contributions and strengths. There is lack of involvement of youth and women in decision / policy making as well as lack of education / awareness regarding health, social and legal,  democracy and Human right issues, while discriminatory laws and social customs against women hinders them to enhance their self growth and enjoy equal status in the society.


  • A society where women’s and youth rights are respected and recognized


  • The mission of CHANAN is to protect and promote human rights and improve the status of youth and women and enable them to equally and actively participate in all affairs of life directly linked with them.


  • To organize youth and women into groups and build their capacity so that they can play vital role as “Change Agent” for bringing sustainable change in their communities
    To organize women and youth into groups to take collective action for their human rights and social change
    • To develop linkage and networking among between women, youth and like minded institute to resolve their issues and sustainable change in their lives
    • To sensitize policymakers and society at large about their concerns through theatre, media, dialogue, trainings, session, workshops, seminars, programs etc.


CHANAN believes in Participatory Rights-Based Approach


  • Awareness Raising
  • Theater (including Street, Interactive, Community and Forum Theater)
  • Referral System / Linkages Development / Networking
  • Group Formation and Capacity Building
  • Documentation (film, publications, documentaries etc.)
  • Advocacy

Focusing Areas

  • Gender and social justice
  • Human Rights focusing on Women Rights and Gender
  • Democracy, Civic and Voter Education
  • Health / Reproductive Health
  • Education (Informal and non formal / Skills Building
  • Socio-Religious, Inter-Faith Harmony and Peace

Working Areas

CHANAN is working and implementing its programs and projects across Pakistan with likeminded organizations, theater groups, youth Volunteers, community workers, etc.

Our Resources      

  • Trained Theater Groups and theater Performers
  • Youth Volunteers
  • Identified Communities
  • Linkages and Networking
  • Experienced and Committed Pioneers

Funding Strategies:

  • Theater Fee, Consultancy Fee, Fund Raising Activities, Local / National / International Donors/Funding, Donations, Projects