Annual Human Rights Network Metting 2016

CHANAN conducted annual Meeting of Human Rights Network on December 11th, 2016 at Ambassadors Hotel. Around 30 Human Rights Activists joined the Annual Human Rights Network Meeting. HR Network’s this meeting’s success was that the human rights activists joined across Pakistan, which was an amazing sign that Human Rights Network is spreading itself and its outreach is increasing.
The meeting started off with the welcome note and presentation of Hr Network’s previous work. The meeting was National based so the introductory segment of HR Network was mandatory. The presentation of HR Network’s previous work was carrying its activities done in last few years to empower the society through strengthening the communities.
All the participants were representing different organizations from all 4 provinces of Pakistan and they were appreciating the efforts of HR Network so as of CHANAN. CHANAN organized a panel representing all the provinces to make the meeting more productive, informatory and fruitful.

Afterwards a session was conduct entitled

How to ensure the physibility of NR Network?

  • Through casual visits, we can often arrange provincial or cluster based activities
  • Through conducting provincial level meeting (quarterly) and assigning provincial coordinators
  • Through making a social media platform so that all the members will share their ideas, planning and activities
  • Through printing e-news letter quarterly
  • Through making the member organizations qualitative and empowered under the HR Network
  • Through designing a format/template of TORs for all the member organizations to work more promptly and transparently
  • Through conducting Provincial meeting to discuss about the previous activities and to discuss new ideas to be implemented collectively
  • Through assigning a concerned person to collect data from every member organization, to communicate with all the provincial coordinators and to manage social media platforms of HR Network.

Future plans of Human Rights Network Annual National Meeting

  • We will be conducting the meetings, seeking the availability and possibility
  • We will nominate a Provincial coordinator yearly, after this tenure will introduce another selected one
  • We will have Skype meetings once in a month with all the member organizations
  • We will make whatssapp/fb group to make everyone linked
  • We will share our progress through email in shape of success & progress
  • E-news letter, it will be on quarterly and everyone’s activities would be printed in it
  • If each organization conduct only one activity (Once in a month or in a couple of months) would be a big number of activities all together yearly
  • There would assigned coordinators who will communicate and coordinate everything

Everyone was willing to hold this Network and to be an active member. So at the end Mr. Alyas Rahmat thanked everyone and wished greatly to all for the future endeavors under the Human Rights Network.

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