Civic and Voter Education Programs

Civic and Voter Education (CVE) program brought together the key stakeholders such as Provincial and District Election Commissions, Civil Society Organizations, media, women, youth and marginalized communities to help in increasing voter turnout in the target districts by launching multi dimensional and multi channel awareness campaigns in the target areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The project aimed at increasing voters’ turn out in 2013 General Elections of Pakistan. The purpose of the project was to support Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) strategic target of having about 63% turnout in 2013 General Elections. However, for this project, specific focus was on increasing participation of marginalized groups including women, youth, minorities and persons with disabilities. Various outreach awareness activities such as door to door awareness campaigns, youth volunteer mobilization, awareness seminars, walks, consultative events and corner meetings were organized.

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