Couples Seminar

CHANAN with the collaboration of Haqiqi Waris and PMC organized “One Day Training Seminar for Couples”. This seminar was held in Mariam Colony, Township on 27th of June, 2017. The purpose of this seminar was to strengthen the best living style of couples to make their married life perfect and full of success. We were able to get 120 couples registered for our program which was one of our huge successes. The participation of people showed us that they really want such sort of activities so improve their life styles and married lives.

The seminar was entirely based on the role of parents to motivate their children and to teach their children effectively. Parents should be crystal clear regarding the grooming of their children and to select the future of their children according to their innate abilities rather than to force them to choose what they are not made of or what doesn’t interests them.

CHANAN invited a bunch of speakers from social sector, government sector and community to come and disseminate their learning and knowledge among the community members so that they may analyze their own selves, their households, their responsibilities and their contributions. At the end, certificates were distributed as a token of appreciation to all the guest speakers and management. Along with that we served dinner to all the speakers and participants. All the guest speakers and participants really appreciated the efforts of CHANAN, Haqiqi Waris and PMC. We really look forward to organize such activities again.