Hum Qadam by AGHA Khan

The NGO Resource Centre operates within the framework of the Civil Society Programme of the Aga Khan Foundation (Pakistan). Based in Karachi, in the province of Sindh, Pakistan, the Centre has been in existence since 1990.

Its current mission is to enhance organizational effectiveness and improve systems that promote gender sensitive participatory approaches to sustainable social and economic development. It has a four-pronged strategic thrust to fulfill this mission:

a) training to enhance the skills of managers and leaders’ forums to promote awareness on development issues;
b) management consulting services for individual civil society organizations to facilitate their development interventions;
c) information and research to create greater understanding of the role of civil society organizations, promote quality standards and an enabling policy environment for the civil society sector; and
d) communication by disseminating information through target-oriented products to a wide-range of development stakeholders and civil society including community-based organizations, the corporate world, media, academics, public sector officials and concerned citizens.