Human Rights Development Course by CHANAN

Community Healthy Advocacy Network At Nation (CHANAN) and Human Rights Network collectively planned and started a 1st Human Rights Development Course.

About Human rights Network:

CHANAN took this Initiative to do some collective actions toward the promotion and protection of women’s human rights. Almost 30 organizations are the members of this Network. Networking is most important for the current situation, so CHANAN Established a Human Right Network (HRN) with the focus to protect and promote the Domestic Working Women’s (DWW) human rights collectively.

Some objectives of HRN Network are:

  • To gather grass root level organizations, lawyers, media, government and other stakeholders for the collective action towards human rights.
  • To share resources with each other for the collective action at all level to bring a sustainable change in society.
  • To build a capacity of grass root organization


CHANAN organized a Human Rights Network Meeting with all the member organizations to plan up activities and design strategies for 2016 early in 2016

Member organizations came up with a lot of new ideas and strategies to be worked on. CHANAN and HR Network designed a 12 months “Human Rights Development Course’ which started in April 2016 and last till April 2017. CHANAN and HR network designed this course particularly for domestic workers group of different areas of Lahore.