International Labour Day 2016

CHANAN celebrated International Labor Day 2016 with the collaboration of Haqiqi Waris and Human Rights Network on May 1st, 2016 at Township, Lahore. Objectives behind the celebration of labor Day is to make all the workers realize that they our special in this whole world and they really deserve respect, love, dignity and Happiness. Through celebrating Labor Day CHANAN always feels pleasure to gather Domestic Workers from different area on a single platform to celebrate the day with them and to serve them with great gratitude and happiness.

This year CHANAN celebrated Labor Day as well and gathered around 100 Domestic Workers from different areas of Lahore. CHANAN and our implementing partner Haqiqi Waris arranged the activity with full of Interest and passion. All the participants were having different play cards to express their feelings regarding the Labor Day. All the slogans were quite heart pitching and demanding. The slogans were really what they want from society and what they actually deserve to get from other citizens.

At the start, a theater performance was performed by group of small children on the theme of “Life of offspring of Labors” all the children performed really well and left a great impact on the viewers that all should think about them too. In our society this is one of the major reasons that we don’t think about anyone else. Their performance was also carrying a great message of Importance of Education. As we all know that education is very important for everyone and every citizen of this society has rights to get education. So through this theater performance message of importance of education went to the viewers quite brilliantly. CHANAN gifted all the children a set of books to raise the interest of reading in all of them.
After that an interactive session was conducted regarding the theater performance by Mr. Ayas Rahmat (MD-CHANAN) and it went quite fruitful due to the productive input of majority of the audience.

At the end, few domestic workers were invited on the stage to highlight their play cards and to have few words with the audience on the special occasion of Labor Day. Afterwards, Thanks giving/closing notes were given by Mr. Alyas Rahmat (MD-CHANAN). Haqiqi Waris presented flowers to Mr. Alyas Rahmat (MD-CHANAN) and CHANAN thanked everyone who came over to celebrate the Labor Day and assured them that we will celebrate this day in 2017 as well.