International Women Day 2014

Community Healthy Advocacy Network at Nation (CHANAN) celebrates International Women’s Day every year. This year with the collaboration of South Asia Partnership – Pakistan an event is organized under the theme of “Focusing on Religious Minorities” the purpose of the event was to gather Females from Minority groups to celebrate the International Women’s Day with us.

A theater was performed by CHANAN team under the theme of “International women’s Day” and “Focusing on Religious Minorities”. There were around 100 females who came up with passion and curiosity to celebrate International Women’s Day together.

The theater performance was an Interactive theater performance in which (at certain points) audience was asked to be in the performance as a spectator to fulfill the message. The audience participated in the theater performance with full of interest which made it fruitful and impactful.

There were some fun games as well so that the young girls can also enjoy their Day e.g. Musical Chair, Singing competition, eating competitions, poster and speech etc.