Phase VIII

CHANAN under the contract (UNDP-RFP-2017-028) with UNDP, conducted Street Theaters in 5 Districts of KP. CHANAN conducted 5 theater trainings for 5 selected districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, The participants of these trainings were local youth volunteers (both male and female). A 5days theater trainings were conducted in district Abbottabad on simultaneous bases from 18th April – 22nd April 2018 for participants from 5 districts including Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Batagram and Mardan followed by 2 street theater events for each district on available facilities of Model Police Stations. All the theater groups performed 2 theater performances in each district and collectively they performed 11 theater performances in above mentioned districts (1 added theater in Mansehra). Theater performances were conducted to spread awareness regarding “Available Facilities of Model Police Station”. The title of the plays was “Awam Dost Police”. The street theater activities were the part of Strengthening Rule of Law Program SRLP. The objective of the program is to build a peaceful society by providing a friendly atmosphere among general communities, institutions and Police. CHANAN, its theater teams and performers played its vital role to support the objectives of SRLP. Theater performances were conducted in Universities, Degree colleges, Post graduate colleges and Communities.


Representatives of Model Police Stations, SHOs, Muharrars, DSPs, and UNDP staff were present in the trainings and street theater events on regular bases. Theater teams performed 11 street theater events (2 in Abbottabad, Haripur, Batagram, Mardan and 3 in Mansehra district) and reached to 899 direct audience including 193 female audiences and 706 male audiences directly.


Five days theater trainings were conducted from 18th April 2018- 22th April 2018 in district Abbottabad for all theater groups. This five days training was equipped with several theatrical sessions and segments. The training was started off with the introductory session; CHANAN, Street Theater concept, Why Street Theater and a briefed introduction of SRLP, details of Model Police Stations in KP, facilities at Model Police stations-provided by UNDP Peshawar. Moreover, role of theaters for SRLP program were also discussed.