Women are Human and Human Have the Rights (2009 – 2012) by NHRF

CHANAN has implemented this program from 2009 to 2012 with the focus to organize and motive domestic workers to speak for their human right. In 2012-2013 CHANAN started to sensitize media and advocacy at advance level to recognize female domestic workers as a formal labor in Pakistani context. Employer needs to be more sensitize as the lot of human right violation is only due to the lack of friendly atmosphere among female domestic workers and their employers. During the last two year, there are case due to the lack of trust and lack of proper proof against the violation of female domestic  worker’s rights.

Women in target areas continue to suffer in the face of oppressive patriarchal structures, strict traditional norms, and stifling socio-cultural customs and traditions. Women face inequality of opportunity and inequality in awareness of and access to options, which is reflected in a lower status than men. Men control all aspects of women’s lives; domestic, reproductive, socio-cultural and legal etc, and ultimately violate there rights in shape of violence on them. In terms of Domestic working women, these women are much more deprived than male counterparts, particularly in rural and least developed areas. Women in these areas have seen virtually no change in the general condition of their lives. Women’s health indicators as well as education and economic opportunities have lagged behind.

The target colonies are big populated colonies, and the surrounding areas of the colonies are Defense, Cantt, Gulburg, Model town etc. Women are use to go for the domestic work in the surrounding area for the economical empowerment, a high % of their male partners are unemployed. They use to send their spouse for domestic work, and use drugs, gambling etc. Women’s in the target colonies are suffering Injustice, Violence Against Women (VAW), and violation of basic human rights.

Some common issues of the domestic working women are:

  • Thefts Blaming by the owner (employer)
  • Sexual Harassments at Work place or during the travel from home to workplace.
  • Rape Cases by the owner (employer)
  • Force religious Conversions
  • fake blame of Blasphemy laws
  • Low wages (Duty is too long but the wages are too low).
  • Adolescents girls use to go for domestic work with their mother which effects their education
  • Stay younger girls at workplace constantly (which case their RAP etc).
  • Low self esteem

There are lot of other human right issues with Domestic working women; a high % of domestic worker is women, which needs to be work for the Protection and Promotion of their rights.