Domestic Worker’s Day 2014

CHANAN celebrated a Domestic Workers Day through a Demonstration on 16th June 2014 in front of Lahore Press Club. The objective of the demonstration was to highlight the issues of Domestic Workers in Pakistan. The demonstration was held in front of media representatives and sensitize policy maker to take some positive steps for domestic workers in Pakistan.
The day was celebrated In the memories of 100th Session of ILO on 16th June 2011, the International Labor Conference adopted the Convention concerning decent work for domestic workers, and a recommendation supplementing it. This is the first time that the International Labor Organization (ILO) has formulated international labor standards dedicated to this particular group of workers. The new instruments also referred to as the Domestic Workers Convention C- 189.
Domestic workers along with civil society representatives, religious and community key person participated in this demonstration, participant were holding the play cards and demanding their human rights to the government of Pakistan.