Phase III

 Extension of Civic and Voter education and awareness in 20 districts of Province Punjab and Sindh, 20 theater groups performed 507 street theater performances in both provinces.  CHANAN engaged 4 teams from sindh and 5 teams from Punjab. CHANAN conducted 282 theater events and reached 19,251 direct audiences including 2,248 youth female, 9,157 youth male, 1,871 female and 5,975 male in 11 districts of Province Punjab and conducted 236 theater events to reached 23,571 direct audiences including 2,618 youth female, 12,633 youth male, 1,784 female and 6,536 male in 9 districts of Province Sindh.  Altogether 42,822 audiences were educated on the set objectives.

Female youth participation was 11% while 51% male youth participated in street theater events. 9% female over 30 year and 29% male over 30 year participated directly in street theater events. Overall 62% youth (both male and female 18-30) participated in theater events. While 38% was the general audience over 30 year both male and female.

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