Phase II

CHANAN implemented a project entitled “Street Theater on Civic and voter Education” in 32 districts of Pakistan, 8 districts from each province excluding Gilgit Baltistan. CHANAN conducted 927 street theater performances, covering the 103532 direct audiences including 39703 males, 17573 females and 46256 youth.

Youth Participation in street theater activities was 44.68% while 16.97% Female and 38.35% male attended the events on civic and voter education.

CHANAN  engaged 18 theater teams in all over Pakistan including 6 team in Provence Punjab, 4 teams in KPK, 5 teams in Sindh and 3 teams in Baluchistan.

The project implemented in all tehsils of 32 districts covering the direct audience for the civic and voter education & awareness. The theater performed on different spots of tehsils including chowks, hujras, markets, seminars, community halls, community center points, railway stations, bus stops, lori ada, drugs rehabilitation centers, police station, animal markets (Mowashi Mandi) canal, bridge etc. The target audience for the street theater was General Public both male and female, Youth, minority groups, ethnic groups, disadvantages groups etc.

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