Interfaith Iftaar Dinner 2017

CHANAN and Human Rights Network collectively organized “Inter-faith Iftar Dinner” to gather a bunch of people from different cultural, religious and social background. CHANAN was aiming to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan with Muslim community along with other religions. Through this CHANAN was building an interfaith climate movement.
People from Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Sikh community attended and showed great potential towards such inter-religious activity to promote Co-existence, tolerance and acceptance.

CHANAN invited people from different sectors e.g. social sector, government, educational institutes, civil society, community and youth. Such activities are very much important to be held in our society as we all are far away from each other. We all should spend time together so know each other more clearly rather than to make different miss-perceptions.

CHANAN and Human Rights always promotes Inter-religious activities to promote Co-existence and Tolerance and will keep on doing that to play their vial role in bringing positive change in the society. These are the activities which should be held maximum to minimize the negativity, hatred, mis-perceptions among the people of our beloved society. Through this activity CHANAN came to hear a lot of positive remarks from our participants from different religions. Our Sikh brother showed great enthusiasm and positivity and said that he will be organizing such activities as well so that he may contribute on bringing change as well. This was one of CHANAN’s great success of this activity.