Domestic Workers Day 2017

CHANAN celebrated International Domestic Workers’ Day 2017 on June 16th, 2017 at Ambassadors Hotel, Lahore.

This year’s theme was Turning Rights into Reality-One for All and All for One. CHANAN invited participants from different fields like civil society, youth, domestic workers, politicians, community activists and community members. This year CHANAN planned a way forward to strengthen domestic workers’ rights.

The event started off with the Welcome note by Mr. Alyas Rahmat (Managing Director-CHANAN). In the first segment CHANAN ask all the participants to identify the problems being faced by the domestic workers’ in their daily life. After having fruitful discussion and listing out the problems, our respected Panel having Miss. Shunila Ruth-Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA-PMLN), Miss. Farah Chughtai (President-CHANAN), Miss. Tanveer Jahan, Mr. Joseph Francis, Mr. Yousaf Gill, Miss. Naeema (SAP) and Mr. Yousaf Benjamin presented their suggestions. An interactive session in between the panel and audience was one of the best segments of the Event.

Through this interactive session CHANAN came to now many issues along with their solutions.
“We all are a part of the issues but we all are the part of solutions as well, said Miss. Tanveer Jahan”
“We need to give skill based education to all the domestic workers, said Mr. Joseph francis”
“We the young people should act actively to promote and secure Domestic Workers’ Rights, said Miss. Shaista Rasheed-Participant)

The whole group came to a end where CHANAN asked everyone to come up with some solutions and Establishing a Alliance for Protecting Domestic Workers’ Human Rights is important and should work actively in our society.