International Youth Day 2016

To celebrate International Youth Day and to promote civic and citizenship education CHANAN organized a Youth Leadership workshop to engage youth on the occasion of youth to make them realize that they are very important assert of our country and they can play their vital role for the promotion of Peace, Inter-faith-Harmony, Cultural diversity, Human rights and sustainability in our society.

This workshop was conducted at CHANAN Office on August 12th, 2016. CHANAN gathered around 20 youth members from different local areas of Lahore to disseminate the message of Civic education, citizenship education and Sustainable Development Goals.

The Workshop was based on following sessions:

  • Youth Capacity Building on Civic and Citizenship Education
  • Awareness session on Global Sustainable Development Goals
  • Role of Citizenship Education in Peace Building
  • Importance of Social analysis in Peace Building
  • Role of Effective communication in prompting Civic and Citizenship Education
  • Session on Leadership for GCED
  • Global work and examples on SDGs
  • Group Activities
  • Importance of Community profiling
  • Role of Youth in bringing positive and sustainable change in the society

All the participants showed amazing interest and potential in all the above mentioned sessions. Session on SDGs was new for everyone because no one had any idea about SDGs. During the group activity social analysis and community profiling they learnt many things. While presenting their group work they mentioned that we are much confident now as from before.

At the end we all pledged that we will promote Civic education, citizenship education and sustainable development goals in our respective areas as much as possible.

At the end Mr. Alyas Rahmat (Managing Director-CHANAN) delivered vote of thanks to all the participants and appreciated their meaningful participation throughout the workshop.