Second Session on Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities

Session of the Course at Bhatta Chowk

Second Session of the course was conducted at Bhatta chowk on 16th of July 2016. Around 20 females participated in the session. We session was started off with an introductory activity which was quite impressive for all the participants. That activity was containing a ball throwing game and catcher had to give her introduction along with 1 good habit of her. So the activity created conducive environment for all the participants to share things easily. After the participants’ introduction CHANAN gave them CHANAN’s introduction and the introduction of “Human Rights Course for Domestic Workers”. CHANAN informed them regarding all the information regarding course and its implementation. CHANAN informed them that this course is based on different kind of sessions e.g. Leadership, Gender Equality, Legal awareness, Role of Effective communication, Peace, Conflict Resolution, Advocacy, Confidence Building, Role of Collective efforts etc and the sessions will be conducted by different speakers relevant to the selected topic.

CHANAN informed them that all of you will get Certificate of completion of this course and they were very happy to know that. At the end CHANAN took promise from all the participants that they will join all the sessions with full interest and passion.