Domestic Worker’s Day 2016

Celebration of International Domestic workers Day 2016
This year CHANAN celebrated International Domestic Worker’s Day with the collaboration of APWLD and Human Rights Network on 16th of June, 2016 at Ambassadors Hotel.
CHANAN celebrated International Domestic Workers’ Day 2016 with more than 70 domestic Workers from different areas of Lahore. The event was based on the appreciation of domestic workers’ coordinators’ support and efforts to strengthen Domestic Workers.
CHANAN screened few documentaries based on the stories of Domestic Workers and issues being faced by them. After the screening of Documentaries there was a panel discussion and the panelists were Respected Miss. Shunila Ruth-Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA-PMLN), Miss. Asiya Bibi (Domestic Workers’ coordinator), Miss. Shamim Bano (Domestic Workers’ coordinator), Miss. Ifrah Shafique (Domestic Workers’ coordinator) and Miss. Shabnam Pervaiz (Domestic Workers’ coordinator). The civil society representatives along with the media and religious persons were also present there for the support of domestic worker’s cause.
The panel discussion and question answer session went amazing and fruitful. Our panel came up with brilliant and motivational talk to overcome the issues being faced by Domestic Workers. Participants really appreciated the event and the effort of CHANAN. All were happy to attend the event.
At the end CHANAN presented Annual (2015-2016) awards of appreciation to our Domestic Workers’ Coordinator for their excellent efforts for domestic workers human rights in their respective communities.